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Leczenie bólu głowy

We are located at the EBM Dental Clinic

Teofila Mateckiego Street 19/2

Ph: 607 094 909

Direct contact with Joanna: 533 693 375

Opening Hours

Tuesday                    8:30 - 16.30

Wednesday             11:30 - 19.30

*Information about parking below

How to get to the clinic

We are located at the EBM Dental Clinic (Klinika Stomatologiczna EBM) at Teofila Mateckiego Street 19/2 (photo 11).

1. Press the 'Office' button on the intercom (photo 12).
2. The door will open automatically.
3. Once you enter the clinic the door will close automatically.
5. Please go to the reception to let them know you are here and if it’s your first visit we ask you to complete the intake form.

In case of any problems please contact the reception at 607 094 909.


We offer three parking spaces (photo 1) in front of the clinic and two parking spaces for disabled people (photo 2) on the left side of the building. We also have 10 parking spaces in a covered parking lot.

How to get to the covered parking lot (photo 3)

1. After entering the building's property, please bypass the parking lots in front of the building and turn right (photo 4 and 5). The entrance gate to the parking lot is located on the side of the building.
2. Please press the small 'call/open' button, which is located right next to the entrance gate on the left-hand side (photo 6).
3. After pressing the button, the reception will open the gate.
4. Please park in the 'Offices’/ ‘Gabinety’ parking spaces (photo 7).
5. The exit door is located next to the gate (photo 8).
6. After leaving the parking lot, please go left and reach the clinic door (photo 9).
7. In case of any problems, please contact the reception at 607 094 909.


How to leave the covered parking lot

1. To leave the parking lot, press the 'call/open'/‘wywołanie/otwieranie’ button located on the column in front of the gate (photo 10).
2. The receptionist will open the entrance gate.
3. In case of any problems, please contact the reception at 607 094 909.

How to get to the EBM Dental Clinic using public transport

  1. Get off at Poznań Główny. 

  2. From Dworzeć Zachodni Station take tram no. 14 (Os. Sobieskiego) and get off at Osiedle Sobieskiego Station. 

  3. At the bus station take bus no. 190 (Rondo Rataje) and get off at Wiedeńska Station. 

  4. Walk 4 minutes to the Clinic.

You can always take Uber or Taxi from Poznań Main Station to Mateckiego Street nr 19. It take approximately 20 to 30 minutes, depending on traffic. 

Leczenie bólu głowy. Reha Migrena.


We ask you to complete a detailed intake form before your first appointment. First appointment takes an hour where we discuss in details all your symptoms and the history of your headache. After the interview we perform a cervical examination to determine if your neck is directly connected to your headache. If you have a migraine during the examination and the cause of the migraine is your cervical spine, we can usually reduce or stop the migraine during the visit.
However, when a migraine does not occur during the examination, we should be able to reproduce the familiar head pain and make the pain go away as soon as we remove our thumbs.

Most patients who have a cervical migraine after appointments experience:

  • reduction of pain or migraine frequency after the first visit,

  • significant improvement or elimination of migraine which no longer requires pharmacological treatment*,

  • less need to take over-the-counter pain medications, dietary supplements or triptans*,

  • less need to consult other therapists to reduce headaches,

  • less sick leave due to headaches.
    *Stopping or reducing the dose of medications must be consulted with the attending physician.

We know from our experience that reducing or completely eliminating headaches has a positive effect on well-being and our patients and the feel that they have regained their lives again.

Craniosacral Therapy

Terapia czaszkowo krzyżowa
Craniosacral Therapy Adults

180 zł

60 minutes

kranio sakralna terapia
Craniosacral Therapy Children

130 zł

30 minutes

częste bóle głowy

Please give us at least 24 hours’ notice if you need to cancel your visit for someone else to use that appointment time. If we do not receive a 24 hours’ notice we may have to bill you a 50% of the fee for the appointment. If you do not show to the appointment you will pay a full appointment fee.

Migraine Consultation

Leczenie migren
Initial Consultation

399 zł

60 minutes

Konsultacja Migreny
Follow-up Consultation

274 zł

30 minutes

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